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NOTE: This year the CRUS course will be offered for trainees only (residents and fellows). For any attending physicians (or other trainees) who wish to learn these ultrasound concepts, a parallel course (CRUS-West) will be run out in Edmonton, Alberta.

CRUS (LONDON)       

Resident/Fellow Price: $1099

+Day 1 Lung, Vascular, & Abdomen (Jul 31 - Full Day)

+Day 2 Critical Care Echocardiography + Sim (Aug 1 - Full Day)

+Day 1 Dinner


CRUS CORE, now in its 9th year running, is a two-day course focusing on the skills required to begin down the road to competency in critical care ultrasound. This will include didactic and hands-on sessions, with emphasis on image acquisition, image interpretation and clinical integration. There will be particular emphasis on cardiac and respiratory failure, as well as vascular access. This course is ideally suited for those caring for the gravely ill patients typically seen in the ICU, the ED or OR. 

At least four weeks before the course, you will receive our flipped classroom modules so that you on the day of the course, you’re ready to start learning. Each session will begin with an interactive and engaging lecture (minimized due to pre-course material) using real time ultrasound examination. Subsequently attendees are split into groups with a 2:1 learner to faculty ratio to complete interactive image interpretation sessions that challenge the participant with interpretation and integration of ultrasound images. Each day will conclude with a simulation enhanced post-course assessment to gauge comfort and ease with the techniques emphasized in the course.

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+Day 1 Lung, Vascular, & Abdomen (Aug 23 - Full Day)

+Day 2 Critical Care Echocardiography (Aug 24 - Full Day)

+Day 1 Dinner


Resident/Fellow Price: $1099

Faculty/Attending/Nurse Practitioner Price: $1599