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Why Have a Simulation Course?

Students exit the CRUS course with an emerging but impressive skill set for obtaining and interpreting information using resuscitative ultrasound. The challenge that many participants face is being able to PUT THOSE SKILLS TO USE in their practice. This optional, enrichment course makes simultaneous use of high fidelity patient and high fidelity ultrasound simulators to place participants as close as possible to the realities of the clinical environment.

What to Expect?

Registration is limited to 20 participants on first come, first served basis. Participants will be divided into ‘resuscitation teams’ and will rotate through four common, life threatening simulated resuscitative scenarios. Real time ultrasound acquisition and interpretation will guide resuscitation and patient simulators will improve or deteriorate based on your interventions. Skilled instructors and content experts will supervise each scenario and provide post scenario debriefs on both ultrasound integration as well as medical and crisis resource management.

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By the End of the Course...

Participants will exit the simulation enrichment course with a set of resuscitative sonographic skills that are fully integrated into patient management algorithms. In other words, they will be ready to take the tools that CRUS has armed them with OUT of the practice range and INTO a fire fight.