CRUS Retention Program

Program Details

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Video Chats with POCUS Mentor

Hallmark of the CRUS Retention program, every 3 months you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our POCUS mentors. Using Google Hangouts (video chat + screen sharing), this will be an opportunity to talk 'all things ultrasound'. Examples include image acquisition, image interpretation, specific cases and institutional politics. We'll ask you to prepare topics you'd like to discuss and have a few of your scans ready before each session.

We will gather mentor availability and will contact you when its time to book a session.

Portfolio and Quality/Assurance

Maintaining a portfolio is a key component to becoming competent in Critical Care Ultrasound. As per the Canadian Critical Care Ultrasound Consensus Meeting (Arntfield et al., 2014), to ensure a minimum level of competency, learners are recommended to complete a number of exams for core and optional applications (as seen in the graphic). 

The second pillar to maintaining a successful portfolio is supervision and quality/assurance. We understand that it's not always possible to have someone locally watch you scan and review your images. For this reason we recommend logging images to Qpath (if at LHSC or other institution with Qpath) or another solution, such as SonoClipShare (free service created by Ben Smith with anonymization capabilities to share ultrasound clips), and review them with your mentor.

POCUS Textbook and Extended Flipped Classroom

Flipped classroom is currently open at the link available below. Point of Care Ultrasound by Soni, Arntfield and Kory will be availble after the course. More information to follow.

Helpful Links

WesternSono - Western's POCUS Network with updates on events, tutorials and lots more:

Qpath Tutorials: Basics, Beyond Basics

Sonoclipshare - Free to use ultrasound clip sharing/logging service: 

CCUS Pocketcard by Dr. Rob Arntfield: Download