BEST Workshop


Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) is an interventional vascular trauma procedure used to control major abdominal and pelvic hemorrhage. By sustaining afterload in a traumatic arrest or hemorrhagic shock state, REBOA can maintain perfusion to vital organs during a resuscitation without the need of a thoracotomy and aorta cross-clamping (1). In an emergency department setting REBOA has been demonstrated to maintain a higher mean systolic blood pressure compared to open thoracotomy without any difference in mortality (2). To be performed in the resuscitative suite under x-ray guidance or in the operating room under fluoroscopy, REBOA is becoming an increasingly desired skill as a catheter-based treatment in a trauma setting. 

We are privileged to have this workshop led by Dr. Laura Moore (Trauma Surgery & Critical Care) who is visiting from the University of Texas (Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center). Dr. Moore has taught at several BEST workshops/courses (more here) and will be sharing valuable experience with participants. We are also happy to have our very own Dr. Rob Leeper (Trauma Surgery & Critical Care), Dr. Adam Power (Vascular Surgery, clinical and academic interest in REBOA), and Dr. John Landau (Vascular Surgery & current Critical Care Fellow) instruct at this workshop.



You will learn about and practice the skills necessary to perform REBOA. Realistic, technically advanded training equipment with a variety of catheter and balloon options will be available for high-fidelity simulation (more here). Teaching will be done in small groups and you will engage in resuscitation simulation cases with the use of ultrasound.



Acute care / trauma surgeons and surgical fellows are encouraged to participate in this workshop following our ultrasound course OR as a standalone half-day course. This course is also open to non-surgical providers such as emergency medicine and critical care providers who wish to gain more experience and practical knowledge of the REBOA technique.



Where & When

The workshop will take place on August 17 from 1300-1630 at Western Universit's CSTAR facility. For a more in depth schedule, click here

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